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Why CAMELSolutions ?

When you engage a consultant, you want results - not theories.  'Solutions' is part of our name - and the focus of everything we do.  Each of our Principals calls upon many years of hands-on management experience to develop practical, cost-effective solutions for your bank.

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Our Strategy

Today’s bank directors and executives face an unprecedented array of obstacles to success. Shrinking margins and deteriorating credit quality cause capital erosion while reducing stakeholder value - all under the glare of increased regulatory scrutiny.

CAMELSolutions builds value with expertise in revenue production, asset quality, management effectiveness, earnings strength, bank liquidity, and balance sheet sensitivity – those areas where executive management and the board of directors must exert direct control.
The CAMELSolutions team provides over 150 years of diversified banking and regulatory experience and, unlike many of the consulting teams in the market today, possesses the unique quality of having succeeded together at a variety of banking institutions and under a variety of economic conditions. 

The CAMELSolutions principals enjoy a strong, trusting relationship with state and Federal regulators based on a proven management track record and a unique vision for banking in the twenty-first century.

Let CAMELSolutions help you succeed – call (847) 687-7353 today to get started.

Bank Failures in 2012:


Source: FDIC as of 11/2/2012

2009                       2010                    2011

141 157  92
CAMELSolutions 2012 Closure Forecast
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