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Why CAMELSolutions ?

If you're facing a regulatory issue that your management team is unfamiliar with, you want an ally that can guide you to resolution - with the knowledge and tactical skills to address the core problem.  Need a creative approach to a revenue shortfall or reduced profitability?  Speak with someone who's faced the same challanges...

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Proven Success In...

Strategic Guidance– Plot a course to provide maximum returns for owners / investors

Profitability Enhancement– Value-maximizing strategies and tactics to increase revenue, manage risk, improve profitability and create a sustainable balance sheet

Non-Performing Asset Optimization– Proactive risk management and loss mitigation techniques that minimize future losses and uncertainty

Regulatory Enforcement Assistance- Addresses all key areas of compliance with regulatory actions, including management and corporate /board governance, ensure policy adequacy, progress reporting, strengthening internal controls

Regulatory Compliance Review- Identify key opportunities to help strengthen internal controls

Credit Function Enhancement- maximize departmental efficiency while controlling costs and managing risk, ensuring safety and soundness

Information Technology Assessment- Enterprise-level review of key systems architecture, operating efficiency, cost effectiveness and security