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Why CAMELSolutions ?

 We've worked together as bankers to help many institutions grow, become more profitable, and overcome structural weaknesses.  We've also worked together as consultants - to help our clients succeed in the same areas...

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The CAMELSolutions Team

Many consultants claim to have knowledge of the banking industry. Many bank consultants claim to have years of bank experience. But the CAMELSolutions principals have proven success as a bank management team – which provides clients faster implementation, higher efficiency and greater success

Louis J. Dunham – Managing Principal

…has over 35 years of highly successful bank management. He has served in the roles of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Credit Officer, Senior Lender, as well as many roles in production. He has taught at national banking schools, been a feature speaker at banking and other financial services seminars, and has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions both in the banking and other financial services arenas.


David G. Cogswell – Credit Principal

…has over 23 years of loan origination, credit analysis, policy review, loan review, and internal audit. He has managed several due diligence teams in the successful acquisition and integration of banks and other financial institutions. He has presented at credit scoring and small business lending schools across the nation.


Joseph W. Bartolotta – Marketing Principal

…has over 28 years of highly successful management and executive experience in all functional areas of consumer marketing, decision science, demographic modeling, and contact center operations. He has demonstrated success in increasing customer value for financial institutions ranging from multi-billion-dollar money center banks to small community-oriented banks, as well as for an array of other consumer-oriented firms.



Additional Resources

Where required, we have access to an unparalleled network of professionals in data services, asset / liability management, liquidity management, financial management, operations management and other specialized disciplines to assist for a specific assignment.