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Not Banking Consultants - Banker Consultants


What's the difference?  We're not consultants who focus on banking - we're bankers who know how to help other bankers.

The CAMELSolutions team is made up of highly skilled individuals with proven success in banks ranging in size from small community institutions to large multi-nationals.  Why is that important?  Because each of these different size banks has different operating challenges.  Unless you've been there, you can't appreciate these differences - and understand how to operate effectively in each environment.

When you engage a consultant, you want results - not theories.  'Solutions' is part of our name - and the focus of everything we do.  Each of our Principals calls upon many years of hands-on management experience to develop practical, cost-effective solutions for your bank.

If you're facing a regulatory issue that your management team is unfamiliar with, you want an ally that can guide you to resolution.  Former regulators can describe the problem in great detail - but may be short on sensible, rational solutions.  Only an experienced banker has the knowledge and tactical skills to address the core problem - and an appreciation for the dozens of other issues competing for your attention.

 Need a creative approach to a revenue shortfall or reduced profitability?  Speak with someone who's faced the same challenges and developed creative programs on a realistic scale - that can be implemented quickly, and with minimal impact on your existing resources.  You'll find that kind of approach in the CAMELSolutions team.

We don't use that term lightly - the CAMELSolutions team has been a cohesive unit for many years.  We've worked together as bankers to help many institutions grow, become more profitable, and overcome structural weaknesses.  We've also worked together as consultants - to help our clients succeed in the same areas.  We understand the value of teamwork, and we also understand and respect the value of your own team.

There are thousands of banking consultants to choose from.  Before you make that important choice, look closely at the experience each brings.  Not simply in terms of years, but in the actual prior assignments each individual has had, and the success each has brought to an organization.

When you've seen the difference, we think you'll agree:  the best resource to help your bank is a successful banker.  And at the conclusion of every assignment, we make sure our clients are successful bankers, too.